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Since 1997, the Rancho Los Amigos Foundation has been partnering with Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to explore the visual arts as therapy.  Many of our Rancho artists began their artistic journey in the pediatric art program and have progressed to the point of becoming instructors.   

 Our therapists have found that not only does the participation in an arts program reduce stress and anxiety, but it also serves as a great means of self-expression and confidence building.  This allows our patients to escape from the routine of their daily lives in hopes of coping with life’s challenges through creativity 

 Rancho uses the arts as a tool to educate our local community about the ability of our patients.  Each year, the Foundation supports a formal art show (Art of Rancho) for our Rancho artists.  During the show our artists display and sell their artwork to more than 300 guests. 

 Types of Programs Available to Outpatients at Rancho: 

  • Artists on The Rise 
  • Classes take place twice a week; there is no formal instruction in these classes as they are formatted to be studio time; no art experience is necessary, however experienced participants are there to assistall supplies are provided. 
  • To learn more or participate, please contact Christina Webster, Recreation Therapy at (562) 385-6323. 
  • Art for Pediatric Patients 
  • The summer session is 10-12 classes; no art experience is necessary; all supplies are provided. 
  • One Saturday a month, there is a 3-4 hour art class at Rancho. 
  • To learn more or participate, please contact Julie Helgren, Recreation Therapy at (562) 385-6745. 
  • Artists in the Community (funded through a grant from the California Arts Council) 
  • Three workshops a year will be held a year that focus on creating a collaborative piece of artwork that will be displayed at Rancho; each workshop is 6-8 weeks long; prior art experience is required; all supplies are provided. 
  • To lean more or participate, please contact Deborah Arroyo, Rancho Los Amigos Foundation, (562) 385-7053. 
  • Growing As Artists (funded through a grant from the Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture) 
  • Classes are held 3-4 times per year; each class is 6-8 weeks long and is focused on a different medium; no art experience necessary in some classes; all supplies are provided. 
  • To learn more or participate, please contact Christina Webster, Recreation Therapy at (562) 385-6323. 

 Rancho’s Visual Arts program is sponsored in part by the Rancho Los Amigos Foundation. 


Since 2001, The Performing Arts of Rancho has established itself as a unique and truly valuable program where current or former patients are provided with a creative outlet to express themselves through song, dance, and poetry as a way to meet their goals of reintegrating into the community. Supported by Occupational Therapy, the program motivates individuals to push themselves physically whether to walk on stage, to learn to dance from a wheelchair, or to strengthen their breathing for better vocal production. Performers develop a renewed sense of confidence and a strong sense of pride by putting themselves in the spotlight and appearing in public, some for the first time since their illness or injury. The program boasts benefits that go beyond the performers themselves as the Performing Arts of Rancho continues to bring hope, meaning, inspiration, and joy to countless patients, staff, family and community members who attend their spirited performances. 

 Program activities may include: 

  • Rehearsals
  • Performances for patients in the hospital
  • Grand performances for Rancho patients, staff and community
  • Performances at Rancho special events
  • Facilitating and participating in Rancho Wellness Center classes
  • Performances at Downey Concerts in the Park

 To participate please contact: 

Michele Berro, MA, OTR/L 

Occupational Therapy Manager/Program Coordinator 

(562) 385-7571 or  

Rancho’s Performing Arts program is sponsored by the Rancho Los Amigos Foundation.