Locate Deceased Persons

Find a Deceased Relative

Los Angeles County handles the remains of decedents who are unclaimed, indigent, and/or unidentified. If you are searching for a deceased relative in the possession of either the L.A. County Department of Medical Examiner or the L.A. County Morgue/Office of Decedent Affairs, please contact these agencies below:

Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner
Phone: (323) 343-0512
Visit Medical Examiner – Website

Los Angeles County Office of Decedent Affairs (County Morgue/Cemetery)
Phone: (323) 409-7161

Searchable Database

You can search for a deceased relative held at the County Morgue pending disposition or burial at the County Cemetery from the PDF files below. The searchable file lists the names of the deceased and dates of death going back to 2012.

County of Los Angeles Register of Cremations
2020    2019     2018     2017     2016     2015-2012

L.A. County Public Administrator

The Los Angeles County Public Administrator provides administration of the estates of decedents who were residents of Los Angeles County when appointed by the court or in cases where a decedent has no heirs or other circumstances. If you have questions or concerns about the property and affairs of a recently passed person that are not being taken care of, please contact the office below:

Phone: (213) 974-0460
Fax: (213) 633-1944
Visit Public Administrator Website