Geriatric Neurobehavior & Alzheimer’s Center

Geriatric Neurobehavior & Alzheimer’s Center

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USC/Rancho Los Amigos California Alzheimers Disease Center  

 Established in 1985, and continuously funded by the State of California, the USC- Rancho Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Rancho is a joint effort between the Health Services (DHS) and University of Southern California (USC). Much of the research is focused on accurately diagnosing dementia and identification of underlying etiology, improving the overall delivery of healthcare to patients and their care partners, and educating professionals in providing culturally sensitive and appropriate care to minority patients and families. 

 The USC/Rancho California Alzheimer’s Disease Center (CADC) accepts referrals from agencies, physicians, and other healthcare providers. As an affiliate of the USC Alzheimer’s Disease Center (USC ADC) and the USC Memory and Aging Centerthe USC-Rancho CADC also serves as a referral site for clinical trials and other Alzheimers and related dementia research studies being conducted through these centers. 

 For more information on the USC/Rancho California Alzheimer’s Disease  Center, please contact: 

USC/Rancho California Alzheimer’s Disease Center or visit our websites. 

Phone: (562) 385-8130 

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