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Rehabilitation Engineering

Rehabilitation Engineering

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Rancho’s Rehabilitation Engineering Program is nationally recognized for its applied research contributions in the development of assistive technologies for persons with disabilities. Our mission is to create and evaluate technologies for improving the lives of persons with disabilities and to provide training and education opportunities for future rehabilitation engineers. The Rehabilitation Engineering Program is part of Rancho Research Institute (RRI) and has been an important component of Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center’s rehabilitation research program since the 1960s, when major contributions were made to the development of orthoses, skeletal fixation systems, powered wheelchairs, and functional electrical stimulation. Our current focus centers around the development and application of technologies that enhance motor and cognitive functions in individuals with neurological injuries, including the application of smart sensors, mobile devices, robotics, additive manufacturing, and augmented/virtual reality. We closely collaborate with the Pathokinesiology Laboratory < in all aspects of development and clinical evaluations.

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