Speech Therapy & Audiology

Speech Therapy and Audiology

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Continuing Education and Research 

The Communication Disorders Department (CDD), which includes speech therapy and audiology, is an ASHA (American Speech-Language and Hearing Association) approved Continuing Education (CE) provider.  The CDD department has a long history of providing CE opportunities for staff as well as providing CE opportunities for outside professionals by hosting on-site conferences.  Our department has also partnered with other local hospitals to co-host conferences.  Staff often teach courses or are invited guest speakers at local universities.   

The CDD department works closely with the Rancho Research Institute (RRI) to participate in research opportunities and work on projects including the Rancho Levels of Cognitive Functioning.   

Graduate Student Training Program 

Supporting and developing the future of the communication disorders professions through mentorship and training is a cornerstone value of Rancho.  The Speech Therapy Department offers advanced training opportunities for master’s level speech-language pathology interns.  Our internship program interviews and accepts candidates from top local and nationally recognized colleges and universities with whom Rancho has contract relationships.  Students interested in applying for an internship at Rancho are encouraged to contact their academic internship coordinator and plan to apply for a position at least 4-5 months in advance.