Whole Person Care

Whole Person Care
Whole Person Care was a program that helped Medi-Cal enrollees get health and social services. The program served individuals who were homeless, justice-involved, had substance use disorder, serious mental illness, complex health issues or barriers to a healthy pregnancy. The program ended December 2021, although many enrollees are getting the same services through a new State program called CalAIM that started January 2022.

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The Whole Person Care program was an unprecedented opportunity to improve care for the sickest Medi-Cal enrollees in Los Angeles County. Whole Person Care expanded care coordination, strengthened collaboration and improved data sharing.

Please see below for the Whole Person Care Impact Report, which summarizes the far-reaching impacts and outcomes of the program. During its six years of operation, Whole Person Care strengthened the health care delivery system by breaking down silos in physical health, behavioral health, justice, and social services systems. LA County agencies and community partners worked together to improve the health of and wellbeing of the most vulnerable LA County residents.

Read the Whole Person Care Impact Report here.