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The Occupational Therapy Department offers a variety of services to help clients with physical disabilities attain their potential in the area of work, school, or community participation.  Individual treatment programs as well as group programs are available to assist people to return to a specific occupation, explore going to school, or engage in any type of competitive or volunteer work.  

Individual Sessions: 

  • Evaluation by an Occupational Therapist 
  • One-on-one exploration and development of school or work-related skills 
  • Simulated work activities to prepare for returning to a specific job
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation 
  • An objective, standardized assessment to determine whether a person can meet the physical demands of a specific job
  • Worksite Evaluation
  • An evaluation at the person’s worksite to determine whether a person can do his/her job or needs any reasonable accommodations or any modifications to safely carry out essential job duties. 

Group Programs:

Work Readiness: A eight-week program for individuals who desire to work, attend school, or join a job training program but are uncertain about what type of work they can do. Individuals explore their current work skills, interests, and tolerances through standardized vocational assessments and simulated work activities to identify a reasonable work goal.  Clients will learn about community resources and job hunting strategies for next steps after the program. 
Rancho Works: An eight-week program providing structured, hands-on experiences for people who desire to learn new skills or develop current skills and tolerances for future employment through the production of handmade items.  Individuals who are interested in transitioning to paid work in the Rancho Works Café and Gift Shop will participate in customer service, cashiering, and food services activities.   
Rancho Works Café & Gift Shop 
Located on the first floor of the Outpatient Building, the Rancho Works Café & Gift Shop provides an opportunity for those who have completed any of the above therapy programs to gain real work skills and experience in an actual work environment.  Individuals who work here learn the basics of kitchen safety, food preparation, dishwashing, sanitization, cashiering, inventory, stocking, and customer service while receiving a pay check.  Handmade items produced by clients in the Rancho Works therapy program are sold in the Gift Shop.  Workers increase their confidence and skills with the goal of transitioning to competitive employment in the community.   
How to Participate:  
Health Services (HS) patients as well as community patients are welcome. A physician’s referral to Occupational Therapy is required. HS patients may obtain a referral by requesting one from their primary care provider. Once the referral is received they will be contacted to schedule an appointment. Community patients may contact the Outpatient Referral Office at (562) 385-6536 to begin the referral process.   
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