Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

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The Rancho Observational Gait Analysis System is a well-known method for teaching a systematic approach to analyze gait. It is utilized internationally as a foundation for movement analysis related to gait. The materials utilized in teaching this system are available for sale by contacting Rancho Research Institute at (562) 385-8111 or visiting their website at

For the Observational Gait Analysis workbook, please click here.

Another gait resource developed at Rancho as part of a NIDDR Field-Initiated Development Grant (#H133G100268) is the RanchoGait app. This app is the first in a series of apps to provide instruction on how to evaluate normal and pathologic gait with the final app aimed at prescription of lower extremity orthoses. The app is intended to be used as a stand-alone learning aid or in coordination with an in-person course as a supplement to principles presented in a lecture/lab-based format. To download the app for iPhone™ or iPad™, please find it in iTunes:

( or for Android smartphone in Google