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Emerging Infectious Diseases

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Los Angeles County Specific Guidelines Protocols or Policies

Medical and Health Operational Area Coordination 

Emerging Infectious Disease Healthcare System Annex (CONOPS) (2018) 

Emerging Infectious Disease Frontline Facility Training PowerPoint slide Deck (2020)

Disease That May Warrant a Biocontainment Unit 
LA County Response and Hospital Incident Command
Planning Considerations: Identify, Isolate, & Inform
Category A Waste and Terminal Decontamination
PPE and Infection control Principles

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)

Frontline Facility EVD Guidance
Frontline Hospital Planning Guide: Special Pathogens
Identify, Isolate, Inform Flyer

911 EMS Provider EVD Patient Assessment & Transportation Guideline


Dispatch Center Emerging Infectious Disease Screening Tool

Guidance for Employers and Healthcare Personnel Working in Ebola Areas

Coronavirus Respiratory Syndrome (MERs-CoV, 2019nCov)

911 EMS Provider MERs-CoV Patient Assessment & Transportation Guidelines

General Information by Disease

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health-Information