Do you need help getting to your medical appointments? As a Health Services patient, you have options to get to your doctor’s office. If you don't have your own private car and public transportation doesn't work for you, call your clinic.


If you have LA Care or Health Net you can ask for transportation to your appointments:

LA Care members call 888-839-9909

Press 1 – to schedule a ride or Press 2 – to verify transportation benefits

HealthNet members call 855-253-6863

Press 1 – to schedule a ride or to verify transportation benefits

Other members call your clinic for assistance

To find out if you’re eligible for transportation through Access, please call (800)-883-1295 or click

Access is a public transportation agency dedicated to providing quality transportation for people with disabilities in Los Angeles County. Eligibility for Access is based on your ability to use accessible buses and trains in Los Angeles County.  Eligibility is not based solely on whether you have a disability.

Other Resources to help with transportation:

Call 2-1-1 LA or (800) 339-6993 or visit the website

Contact your doctor, nurse or a social worker at your medical home if none of these options work for you.

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