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Welcome to the GIS (Geographic Information System) page of Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMS). This webpage is composed of GIS data currently being used in the EMS agency for emergency medical service related issues within Los Angeles County. Through this page, the collective maps of emergency system in Los Angeles County are shown using an interactive map application and maps in PDF file format.


The information on this page is designed to display the demographics of the emergency services system in Los Angeles County. These maps are for illustration purposes only. Locations of facilities depicted here are approximate, and are not necessarily true to their locations or scales.

These collective maps and application available on this site were created using the best data available. We have put forth every effort to ensure the accuracy, correctness and current information for the materials presented. However, the agency assumes no responsibility in the event that any information is incorrect. We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages or lost profits to any one as a result of using this data. The user of this information assumes all liability and responsibility for his or her use of this material. Finally, we reserve the right to change or withdraw this data at any time without further notice.