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Welcome to the Health Services. We want to make your experience with us comfortable, convenient and safe.

We offer general adult, pediatric and family medicine medical homes as well as specialized medical homes for women, older adults, and patients with certain medical conditions like Positive Care/HIV or disabilities.

Patient Handbook – English or Spanish

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When you become a patient at Health Services, you become part of a health care team that works together to care for you.  Your medical home is the clinic where you will get your regular care.

Your health care team includes:

  • Your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant
  • A medical assistant, nurse, or care manager
  • A community health navigator or health educator
  • A social worker, mental health and substance use disorder counselor, if you need one.

Your health care team will help take care of your health.  They will provide preventive care and encourage healthy lifestyle choices, identify and treat any medical conditions or problems, and make referrals to medical specialists when necessary.

Do not wait until you are sick to meet your health care team for the first time. Check ups and wellness visits are an important. This is the time for you to talk with your health care team about your family health history, your lifestyle, and your health care goals. During these visits, your health care team will do health screenings for early signs of disease, and make sure your immunizations are up to date.

Your health care team will develop a relationship with you and become familiar with your family situation, your diet and exercise habits, the medicines you take, and any previous medical challenges you experienced in the past. If you experience an illness or a medical emergency, your health care team already knows you and will recommend the best care for you.

If you are currently a Health Services patient, we are so glad you are a patient with us.  If you are not currently a Health Services patient and want to find out more information about how to become a patient at Health Services, please call us at 844-804-0055.