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Disaster Management/Planning Policies


Bioterrorism Pocket Guide for Healthcare Professionals (2007)

Disaster Resource Center Brochure (2019)

Manuals and Plans

15 ‘til 50 Mass Casualty Planning Toolkit

– Mass Casualty Incident Guide
– Mass Casualty Incident Plan Template
– CDPH Link to 15 ‘til 50

Allocation of Scarce Resources (2017)

Ambulance Guidelines for Response to Radiation Events (2013)

Annex to the Los Angeles County Hospital Regional Response Plan – Recommended Actions for Hospitals to Prepare for and Respond to COVID – 19 (2020) <<< NEW

Anticipate. Plan. Deter. Building Responder Resilience-Instructor Guide (2019)

Anticipate, Plan, Deter, Building Responder Resilience – Presentation Slide (2019)

Burn Resource Manual (2024)

Communication Plan (2021)

Conducting Drills and Exercise: A Guide for Hospitals (2012)

Disaster Preparedness Resource Guide for LTCHF (2012)

Evacuation/Shelter in Place for HealthCare Facilities (2012)

Part I: Guidance      PDF File

Part II: Plan Template   PDF File

Part III: Tabletop Exercises    PDF File

Family Assistance Plan (January 31, 2014 Version 2 )

Family Information Center Planning Guide (2013)

Healthcare Coalition Governance Document (2012)

Healthcare Surge Planning Guide (2017)

Hospital Heliports

Los Angeles County Disaster Healthcare Volunteers Clinic Tabletop Exercise Guidebook  (2014)

Los Angeles County Disaster Healthcare Volunteers Deployment Operations Manual  (2014)

Los Angeles County Disaster Healthcare Volunteers Hospital Tabletop Exercise Guidebook  (2014)

Los Angeles County EMS Agency’s Emergency Power Resilience Initiative Phase 1 Report

Mass Casualty Decontamination for Hospitals-Instructor  (2006)

Mass Casualty Decontamination for Hospitals-Student (2006)

Mass Fatality Management Guide for Healthcare Entities (2013)

Medical Management of Internally Radiocontaminated Patients (2006)

Pediatric Ciprofloxacin Dosing

Pediatric Surge Plan  (2016)

Pediatric Surge Quick Reference Guide (2016)

Preparedness Items List for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (2012)

Preparing Hospitals and Clinics for the Psychological Consequences 
of a Terrorist Incident or Other Public Health Emergency

PsyStart Badge Buddy (Printable)

PsyStart Disaster Mental Health Triage Systems Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Toolkit for the    Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency(2013)

Attachment 8– Building Your Responder Personal Resilience Plan™. Anticipate, Plan, Deter – Maximizing Resilience for Healthcare Workers (brochure)
Attachment 9Listen, Protect and Connect: Family to Family, Neighbor to Neighbor to Neighbor-Psychological First Aid (PFA) for the Community Helping Each Other

Attachment 11- Directions for signing on to PsySTART Application
(The attachment is currently under modification)

Recommended Actions to Prepare EMS Providers for Pandemic Influenza by Pandemic Phase

PDF  |   WORD (2009)

Recommended Actions to Prepare Hospitals for Pandemic Influenza by Pandemic Phase

PDF  |   WORD (2010)

Recommended Action to Prepare Law Enforcement Agencies for Pandemic Influenza by Pandemic Phase

PDF  |   WORD (2010)

Terrorism Agent Information and Treatment Guidelines for Hospitals and Clinicians (2012)


Bioterrorism Syndromes Poster (2001)