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Enrollment & One-e-App

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One-e-App (OEA) is the eligibility and enrollment web-based system used by Health Services for submitting My Health LA electronic applications. Community Partners will enroll and renew participants exclusively through this County approved system. No paper applications will be accepted. OEA is designed to screen and refer applicants to other publicly funded health programs as needed.

The federal government is no longer enforcing the new Public Charge Rule. This means that immigrants can access health, housing, and nutrition programs, such as Medi-Cal (except for long-term institutional care), public housing, and CalFresh benefits, without fear of a negative impact on their immigration status.

For additional information or questions regarding Public Charge, you may contact the Los Angeles County Office of Immigrant Affairs at (800) 593-8222 or visit oia.lacounty.gov.

Monthly Renewal Report-April 2022
Monthly Renewal Report-March 2022
Monthly Renewal Report-February 2022
Monthly Renewal Report-January 2022
Monthly Renewal Report-December 2021
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Monthly Renewal Report-May 2021
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Monthly Renewal Report – March 2021
Monthly Renewal Report – February 2021
Monthly Renewal Report – January 2021
Monthly Renewal Report – December 2020
Monthly Renewal Report – November 2020
Monthly Renewal Report – October 2020
Monthly Renewal Report – September 2020
Monthly Renewal Report  –  August 2020
Monthly Renewal Report  – July 2020
Monthly Renewal Report  – June 2020
MHLA Renewal and Reenrollment Report May 2020
Monthly Renewal Report – May 2020
Monthly Renewal Report –  April 2020
Monthly Renewal Report –  February 2020
Monthly Renewal Report –  January 2020
Monthly Renewal Report – December 2019
Monthly Renewal Report – November 2019
Monthly Renewal Report –  October 2019
Monthly Renewal Report –  September 2019
Monthly Renewal Report –  August 2019
Monthly Renewal Report –  July 2019
Monthly Renewal Report –  June 2019 New July 2019
Monthly Renewal Report – May 2019
Monthly Renewal Report – April 2019
Monthly Renewal Report – March 2019
Monthly Renewal Report – February 2019
Monthly Renewal Report – January 2019
Monthly Renewal Report – December 2018
Monthly Renewal Report – November 2018
Monthly Renewal Report – October 2018
Monthly Renewal Report – September 2018
Monthly Renewal Report – August 2018

  1. MHLA Eligibility and Enrollment Training Rev January 2023
    • MHLA Comprehensive Eligibility & One-e-App Webinar Training Video Part 1 and 2 New Feb 2023
    • MHLA Comprehensive Eligibility & One-e-App Webinar Training Video Part 3 New Feb 2023
  2. MHLA Eligibility Review Requirements Rev April 2022
  3. MHLA Household Composition Rev May 2017
  4. Income Calculation Guidelines Rev April 2022

Health Services Office of Patient Access & Health Services Patient Linkage Process

The MHLA Program Office works closely with Health Services Office of Patient Access (OPA) to streamline the Health Services patient referral process to Community Partners (CPs). The following documents are utilized in this process. Please direct any questions regarding this project to the My Health LA (MHLA) Program Advocates.

New Empanelment Request Form (NERF)

  • CP/Health Services Patient Linkage Project Fact Sheet (CP Guidance-not for patients) Updated Oct 2018 – This informational flyer explains the patient referral process of enrolling Health Services patients into MHLA.
  • The Primary Care Linkage Form New Jul 2018. – This is the newly revised document that is sent securely to the MHLA CP clinics with the list of Health Services patients to contact for enrollment in MHLA.
  • If your clinic is unable to accept a MHLA patient referral for clinical reasons, please download and complete this affidavit (Revised Aug 2016) and return it to the MHLA program office as instructed on the form.
  1. Provider Bulletin 12 – Older Adult Expansion (Final)
  2. Active Member Lookup Tool
  3. Active Member Lookup Tool – Instruction
  4. How to Use The Active Member Lookup Tool – 10 Minute Video
  5. First Notice (Final) to MHLA Participants (English/Spanish)
  6. MHLA Older Adult 50+ Presentation Slides 2/16/22
  7. Older Adult Transition FAQ CP’s
  8. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Webinar 3/10/22
  9. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-English
  10. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-Spanish
  11. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-Armenian
  12. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-Korean
  13. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-Thai
  14. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-Cambodian
  15. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-Chinese
  16. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-Farsi
  17. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-Tagalog
  18. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-Russian
  19. MHLA/Older Adult 50+ Flyer-Vietnamese

Clinic Status List:

To learn whether a clinic is accepting new participants, click  here  for the Community Partner Open/Closed Status List.