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You can see a doctor for care, screenings and labs.

You can receive medications at a pharmacy or by mail.  Visit here for more information.  Find a pharmacy here/aqui.

If you need help managing stress or coping with sadness, call your clinic or click here /aqui.

If you need mental health treatment, call (800) 854-7771 or click here.  Click here /aqui for more information.

If you are having a medical emergency or need to see a doctor urgently you can do so at Health Services hospitals/ nuestros hospitales.

You can receive more advanced medical care at Health Services clinics. Your doctor can help you access these services. For information on how MHLA connects you to specialty care services, click here for the Patient’s Guide to eConsult.

If you believe you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, or want help to stop or cut down on use of either, call (844) 804-7500 or click here/aqui.

You can receive free dental services at any of the MHLA clinics that offer them — even if you go to a different clinic for medical care.  Click here to find a clinic that offers dental services.

If you have concerns about MHLA, you can file a complaint by calling (844) 744-6452 or sending a complaint form. (English Spanish)