Healthy Living

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At LA Health Services we are dedicated to caring for our patients at each stage of life. We focus on care that will prevent or slow disease and while encouraging healthy habits. This way we can help our patients live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Healthy Living is a resource page with information on many topics. You will find on this page:

  • Information on preventative care like Colon Cancer Screening and Well Child visits
  • Resources for the self-care of health problems like asthma and diabetes
  • Information about infectious diseases like flu, COVID-19, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). These diseases can spread to others.

Understanding health conditions and their causes, treatments and symptoms is an important part of Healthy Living. That is why LA Health Services is happy to introduce Krames.

Krames is a tool you can use to learn about health. It has over 40 thousand easy-to-understand videos brochures, and articles approved by medical professionals. With Krames you can learn about medical conditions, medicines, treatments, and healthy living.

Click here to start using Krames

Krames is for information only. It does not give medical advice and it does not replace any advice given by a doctor.

Visit us often.  We will grow the information you find in this section.