Shared Governance

Shared Governance

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Rancho Los Amigos nurses practice shared governance by actively engaging in the decision-making process based on the principles of partnership, equity, accountability, and ownership at the point of service. Every member of the nursing workforce is empowered to have an impact in all aspects of decision-making to achieve the common goals of providing an outstanding patient experience and quality nursing care. Nurses are at the heart of the councils.

Quality, Safety & Outcomes Council

The Quality, Safety & Outcome Staff Council acts as internal consultants to monitor, review, and analyze the trend of nursing sensitive data to ensure compliance with the standard of care.

Professional Development and Education Council

Engages and creates support systems for certification, goals, and educational achievements. The Nursing Professional Development Council is responsible for empowering, mentoring, and optimizing professional advancement through education.

Evidence-Based Practice Council

The council promotes evidence-based practice and provides oversight for the development, review, and revision of clinical practice. It offers new nursing knowledge that enhances and transforms best nursing practices

Research and Advanced Practice Council

Provides infrastructure for nursing research that includes the generation of ideas, discussion, identification of research challenges, and clinical utilization of evidence-based practice. It engages Nurses and Advanced Practice Nurses to enhance clinical expertise to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Night Shift Council

Addresses the specific needs and concerns of employees who work during the night. This council focuses on issues related to scheduling, health and wellness, work-life balance, safety, and any challenges unique to working during nighttime hours. It aims to ensure that night shift workers are supported, and their voices are heard within the organization.

Management Council

This council is responsible for planning and advocating transformational leadership, professional growth, succession planning, and providing input to the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). It evaluates the delivery of patient care that corresponds to the availability of the organization’s resources

Unit Projects and Innovations Council

Unit-based councils which are the foundation of professional practice governance. Professional practice governance provides decentralized decision-making, increased autonomy and accountability in nursing practice.

Shared Decision-making Structure
Shared Decision-making Structure