Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities

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New Graduate Residency Program

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Leadership Development Programs

TOP Program

TOP Program ImageThe TOP (Transformational Opportunities for Leadership) Program offers an exceptional opportunity for DHS managers and supervisors to elevate their leadership skills from traditional to transformational. As DHS continues its journey of transformation, our managers play a crucial role in driving success throughout the organization. They help staff navigate complex challenges and changes by enlisting their talents and insights. Through their leadership, we produce results that positively impact our workforce, patients, and communities.


LEAP Program

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As part of our commitment to becoming a nationally recognized model integrated health system, Rancho Los Amigos introduces LEAP (Leadership Excellence Advancement Program). This program equips managers with practical skills and techniques to effectively engage, lead, and develop their teams. By enhancing their abilities, we support the culture change and transformation journey of DHS, fostering a high-performing workforce.



TeamSTEPPS Image

TeamSTEPPS (Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) is designed to help healthcare professionals improve patient safety and quality through effective communication and teamwork skills. Healthcare teams that communicate effectively and have mutual support reduce the potential for error, resulting in enhanced patient safety and improved performance.


Quality Academy

The goal of the Quality Academy Program is to develop teams that can increase organizational capacity for improvement projects.  Teams learn a variety of improvement strategies to develop, implement, and sustain improvement projects.  These teams conduct an improvement project in their department or work area.  Teams identify an area for improvement, collect data, implement small tests of change, and evaluate outcomes.  The Quality Academy Program is a joint effort between Rancho Los Amigos and LA General Medical Center and is offered twice annually.  At the end of each program, improvement projects are presented to DHS and local leadership in a formal graduation ceremony.


Nursing Leadership Program (Nurse Manager Program)

The Nursing Leadership Development Program (NLDP) is offered through the DHS Office of Nursing Affairs (ONA) to support the growth and development of nurse leaders. The curriculum is focused on a conceptual framing for applying the essential capabilities required for today’s Nurse Leader. NLDP grounds all sessions in the American Organization of Nursing Leadership’s Nurse Leader Core Competencies, which provide the framework for integrating both the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader. The 12-week course will blend learning strategies that promote reflection on the “Leader Within” through pre-reading, interactive sessions, and small group work. Each session will be facilitated by organization experts from CNOs, NLDP alumni, and interprofessional leaders.


Charge Nurse Leadership Development

This class is designed to provide experienced and new charge nurses with concepts, strategies, and techniques that will enhance success in a leadership role. The class prepares new charge nurses to help manage conflict, and enhance critical thinking to make decisions, that help improve patient safety across the unit and throughout the organization.


Mentorship Program

The Rancho Nursing Mentorship Program is a structured initiative designed to pair experienced nurses as mentors with novice nurses as mentees. Mentors provide guidance, support, and opportunities for professional development; all to assist the mentees as they transition to the independent nurse role.


Nursing Incentives


Tuition Reimbursement

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