MHLA Newsletter – May 2023

MHLA Newsletter – May 2023

MHLA Newsletter – May 2023 150 150 My Health LA
MHLA May 2023

MHLA Community Partner Connection Newsletter

Community Partners,

Thank you everyone for participating in the all-Community Partner webinar on the sunsetting of MHLA and the Medi-Cal expansion. We know that we covered a ton of information and that you will continue to have questions over the next several months. We are all here to answer them and will be right beside you as the program, the CPs and the MHLA participants go through this massive transition.

We are pleased to announce that more than 80% of our MHLA participants are already in Restricted Medi-Cal! There is still a ways to go, but we are starting from a great point and we appreciate you for already doing outreach and enrollment.

Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month! The LA County Libraries has some valuable resources and information about upcoming celebrations. Find out more here: Asian Pacific American Heritage – LA County Library.

We also are celebrating our nurses with National Nurses Week. Thank you for continued compassion, care and dedication! A special shout out to Teresita Aquino, Lorena Mendez and Veronica Christina, our MHLA nurse auditors.

— Anna Gorman, MHLA Director

Have a topic you want to see explored, an event that should be highlighted, or an article we should include? We would like to feature your CP in 2023. Contact with ideas.

MHLA Medi-Cal Resources Webpage

MHLA Medi-Cal Resources Webpage 1024 595 My Health LA

With the Medi-Cal expansion on the horizon, the MHLA program has created a one-stop location for information and resources. We have created a web page on the MHLA website that contains a host of resources and information relevant to the Medi-Cal expansion in January 2024.

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eConsult Corner

eConsult Corner 963 479 My Health LA

During last month’s Medi-Cal Expansion and MHLA training for Community Partners, we provided updates on upcoming changes with specialty care and eConsult after the end of MHLA.  When the Medi-Cal expansion takes effect for all age groups beginning January 1, 2024, the MHLA program will sunset and all participants will be disenrolled from the program January 31, 2024.

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One-e-App User Code of Ethics

One-e-App User Code of Ethics 255 137 My Health LA

One-e-App user accounts and passwords are only assigned to one individual and should never be shared. Since One-e-App can be accessed through any browser from any location, login information can fall into the wrong hands and be used for fraudulent practices.

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Incentive Program

Medi-Cal Incentive Program

Medi-Cal Incentive Program 1024 749 My Health LA

Early this month, we sent out emails and a PIN that details the Medi-Cal Enrollment Incentive Project. The goal of this project is to incentivize our Community Partners to enroll My Health LA participants into Restricted Medi-Cal in preparation for the sunsetting of MHLA and the expansion of Full-Scope Medi-Cal in January 2024.

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Provider Bulletin #15 – Contract Changes

Provider Bulletin #15 – Contract Changes 1024 680 My Health LA

Provider Bulletin #15 has been sent out to our CPs. This bulletin provided details on the upcoming Adult Medi-Cal Expansion for ages 26 through 49 and its impact on the MHLA contract going forward. Click here to view the highlights of the contract changes.

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Virtual meeting

Patient Advisory Committee

Patient Advisory Committee 1024 683 My Health LA

Late 2021, we started a My Health LA Community Council, made up of MHLA staff, participants and family members. We had some successful meetings and received valuable input for the 50+ transition/older adult transition from MHLA to Medi-Cal.

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Digital Brain

Mental Health Month and Training Link

Mental Health Month and Training Link 1024 768 My Health LA

Mental health awareness month is a celebration of humanity! In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health launched its Take Action for Mental Health L.A. County campaign this week.

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AAPI Month Banner

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Month 919 531 My Health LA

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is observed in the United States during the month of May and recognizes the contributions and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.

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