The Optometry Clinic at Rancho Los Amigos is a specialty clinic that diagnoses, treats, and manages a wide range of visual and ocular health conditions. We are located on the 1st floor of the Outpatient Building. 

By utilizing the latest technology, including optical coherence tomography (OCT), Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) and retinal fundus photography, we can diagnose and manage many visual and ocular health conditions, including the following common conditions: 

  • myopia (nearsightedness) 
  • hyperopia (farsightedness) 
  • presbyopia (difficulty with focusing on near objects) 
  • astigmatism 
  • dry eyes 
  • blepharitis (inflammation of lids and lashes) 
  • hordeolum (stye) 
  • pinguecula/pterygiumconjunctivitis  
  • ocular allergies  
  • cataracts 
  • diabetic retinopathy 
  • glaucoma 
  • macular degeneration 
  • floaters and flashes

The Ophthalmology Clinic is made up of a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who are passionate about caring for your vision and eye health, and we help you manage their impact on your quality of life.  We look forward to meeting you!

To request an appointment, please discuss your visual and eye health concerns with your primary care provider. Your provider can refer you to the Optometry Clinic as needed. 

If you need help with more complex eye care needs, we can connect you with our partners at the Department of Ophthalmology and Eye Care Services throughout LA County’s Department of Health Services (DHS).