Specialty Care and eConsult Update

Specialty Care and eConsult Update

By: MHLA Staff

Specialty Care and eConsult Update

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We have two updates we would like to share: issues with adding providers in eConsult and Health Services medical documentation in LANES.

First, we have been made aware that a handful of users and organizers have been running into issues in eConsult when attempting to add providers to the eConsult system. To minimize errors during this process, we recommend users and organization admins follow the below steps:

  1. Please log into eConsult to submit an application within the system for each individual needing access.
  2. Be sure to provide the supervising physician’s DEA and License # in the comments section of the application.
  3. Please note that if you receive messages from Health Services following your submission, you will need to respond to those Network Admin messages.
    • These messages are only available within eConsult, so you will NOT receive an email notification.
  4. Check the system regularly following your submission.
    • Any applications with no response to these messages within 30 days will be closed.
  5. Health Services will process the applications once received.

Additionally, please visit the MHLA website for Specialty and eConsult services. We have a wealth of helpful information and FAQs to assist you.

Second, we are pleased to share that the Health Services team has resolved the issue of missing specialty notes in LANES.  All CPs with an existing LANES contract, can now view their patients’ Health Services specialty care documentation in LANES.  If your patient was seen in a Health Services facility for specialty care, those medical notes are now accessible in LANES.  If for some reason, you are still unable to view Health Services specialty notes for your patients, please send a screenshot to Sothida Tan at stan4@dhs.lacounty.gov, in a secure email.