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The MHLA program ended on January 31. 2024.   

Beginning February 1, 2024 and until August 31, 2024, DHS will make eConsult available for Community Partners (CPs) that have a signed MOU with DHS and a BAA with the eConsult vendor, Safety Net Connect. CPs will be able to submit eConsults from February 1, 2024 to August 31, 2024 for uninsured patients who are ineligible for Full-Scope Medi-Cal, regardless of age.  Please refer to Provider Bulletin #16 Specialty Care and eConsult Post-MHLA Rev. 2/06/2024 for more information.

Los Angeles County provides specialty care services for CP clinic patients at Health Services facilities. eConsult is a HIPAA secure, web-based platform that allows referring CP clinic providers to consult electronically with County specialists for timely, coordinated specialty care services. These specialists are located within LA County Health Services medical facilities County-wide. Click hereto access the eConsult system.

New eConsult User Accounts can still be requested from within the eConsult platform. Requests will need to be submitted by your agency’s Organization Administrator (OrgAdmin). If your agency currently does not have an OrgAdmin, a request to create a new OrgAdmin or to add this system privilege to a current user can be submitted to the Enterprise Help Desk at HelpDesk@dhs.lacounty.gov, attention: eConsult Team. Please complete the attached   eConsult User Account Application Form and within the “details” section indicate “Add OrgAdmin privileges”.

Important notification: Please remember that the process for any eConsult requests related to the Health Services are to be submitted directly to the Health Services helpdesk at HelpDesk@dhs.lacounty.gov. Do not send these to L.A. Care Health Plan. 

If you are experiencing difficulties, we encourage CPs to submit a request for assistance. Start with submitting a ticket with the Health Services Enterprise Help Desk by calling (323) 409-8000 or by e-mail to Helpdesk@dhs.lacounty.gov. 

The following resources are designed to provide CP guidance for the eConsult system. For further technical assistance, contact the Health Services Help Desk. 

  1. Job Aid-Changing Profile Info
  2. Job Aid-Checking the Status of Your eConsult
  3. Job Aid-Closing an eConsult (PCP)
  4. Job Aid-Creating and Using Templates
  5. Job Aid-Fax to Scan
  6. Job Aid-Ordering Advanced Diagnostics
  7. Job Aid-Resubmitting an eConsult (PCP)
  8. FAQ on eConsult 
  9. Patient’s Guide to eConsult
  10. Individual Facility Radiology Contact Numbers
  11. Consult Video Tutorial
  12. eConsult Recorded Training for Referral Coordinators
  13. eConsult Referrals Call Recorded Training 5-18-2022
  14. DHS Specialties Live in eConsult (Updated 1/30/2023)

Community Partners’ Request for Medical Records at Health Services Hospitals  

Community Partners (CPs) may use the following process to obtain medical records following a CP clinic patient’s visit to a Los Angeles County Health Service hospital or clinic. The following two fact sheets outline this process. 

  1. Community Partner Fact Sheet for Requesting Medical Records from Health Services Hospitals 
  2. Community Partner Fact Sheet for Requesting Medical Records from Health Services Clinics