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Who We Are – JCHS 150 150 Juvenile Court Health Services

Who We Are – JCHS

Our health care staff include Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists, Laboratory staff, and Health Information Management staff who work together to focus on the overall health and well-being of the youth placed in any of the Probation juvenile detention facilities.  We are employees of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and we work with…

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Medication 150 150 Juvenile Court Health Services


Pharmacy When the information is relayed to the physician, this medication can be ordered and administered to the youth.  Usually, the medication is readily available.  If it is a special medication that isn’t readily available, you may need to bring the medication to the facility until we can obtain a supply from the Central Pharmacy.

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Consent Forms and Immunization Record 150 150 Juvenile Court Health Services

Consent Forms and Immunization Record

Dental JCHS Dentists are not specifically trained to provide orthodontic treatment.  They can provide emergency services to the youths with existing orthodontic appliances that may be causing pain or irritation within the mouth (e.g. wire is poking the inside cheek, loose brackets or bands).  Inactive orthodontic appliances can be removed only after obtaining permission from…

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COVID-19 Information 150 150 Juvenile Court Health Services

COVID-19 Information

Infection Prevention All youth are screened and tested for COVID-19 upon arrival to the juvenile halls.  Any youths with symptoms typical of COVID are evaluated and placed in isolation separate from other youths until an infection can be ruled out. Youths are given face coverings and all staff are to wear face masks within the…

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Medical Record Request 150 150 Juvenile Court Health Services

Medical Record Request

You need to provide a signed “Release of Health Information” consent form to the Health Information Management (HIM) Department.  HIM staff are located at each of the juvenile halls to collect this form.  You may also contact someone for Release of Information at 323-226-8852 for any requests or further questions. In accordance with protected health…

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