Community Liaison/Grievances

Community Liaison/Grievances

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Community Liaison is an auxiliary branch of HFH Administration that promotes our commitment to the well-being and fair treatment of program participants.  This team receives program participant grievances related to housing and support services provided by HFH staff and/or contracted service providers and mediates with necessary parties until resolution is achieved.


To allow current Housing For Health (HFH) program participants the option to exercise their right to file a grievance (or complaint) which is an expression of dissatisfaction about their experience of services received from HFH staff or Contracted Service Provider.  


Under this policy, a program participant has the right to file a complaint and reach resolution.  

  1. A program participant may file a grievance at any time and may authorize another person to act on their behalf, should they experience unfair, unjust, inequitable treatment/services or dissatisfaction with decisions/outcomes concerning them. 
  2. The grievance process shall not interfere in any way with the participant’s status with HFH programs and services. 
  3. Program participants will not be retaliated, discriminated against, or receive any other penalty or punitive action for exercising their right to file a grievance. 


HFH Contracted Service Providers are required to have a grievance process, posted visually in common areas within their facility, and shall abide by these minimum grievance policies and procedure standards, which shall include but are not limited to: 

  • Reviewing the service provider’s policies and procedures with the participant during the intake/orientation process.  
  • Program participants should sign an acknowledgement of the agency’s policies and procedures and be provided with a copy of the signed documents.  
  • Contracted Service Providers will document all participants who are unwilling and or unable to sign the documents. 

A program participant should submit a grievance in the following sequence: 

  1. Address the concern with your Contracted Service Providers staff, e.g., case manager, program manager or program director.  
  2. File your grievance directly with your Contracted Service Providers and complete their entire grievance process. 
  3. If the Contracted Service Provider is unable or does not satisfactorily complete the grievance process with you, then contact our Community Liaison at (213) 547-0826 or
  4. The Community Liaison will initiate an investigation within two (2) business days, contact you, and attempt to resolve the grievance between the parties involved.