A total of $370.2 million from the assessment funds is budgeted and allocated for County Fiscal Year 2022-23 (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023) as follows:

County Hospitals

$208.5 million

Non-County Hospitals/Physicians

64.0 million

Enhanced Trauma Access

4.4 million

County and City Public Health

18.0 million

Emergency Medical Services

3.0 million

County and City Fire Departments

4.5 million

Other Entities (Non-Hospital) 

37.0 million

Auditor-Controller –  Administrative Services

0.8 million


30.0 million

Total $370.2 million

Public Health coordinates and undertakes bioterrorism preparedness activities. Auditor-Controller’s Administrative Services cover the assessment, collection and accounting of tax revenues.