Personnel Services

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Personnel Services

Personnel Services provides necessary tools and guidance to Hiring Managers to fill vacancies with the BEST QUALIFIED candidates for the organization, ensuring that every appointment made is within the established guidelines of the Civil Service Rules and County Code.

Selection & Hiring Process

Canvas and Selection

  • Obtain Certification List via CDMS
  • Schedule and conduct interviews
  • Select and make contingent job offer

Authority to Hire/Appoint

  • Submit Personnel Action Request (PAR)


  • Background check via Live Scan
  • Civil Service Medical Examination
  • Verification of credentialing (if applicable)


  • Employment eligibility verification (I9)
  • Step and salary placement
  • Licensing/Certification
  • External Regulatory Agency (OIG and GSA)
  • County and Departmental Policies and Procedures


  • Voluntary or -in-Voluntary Resignation Letter
  • Clearance Sheet