ODR Housing

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ODR Housing

A permanent supportive housing program that serves individuals who are homeless, who have a serious mental health disorder, and who are incarcerated in the Los Angeles County Jail. The intervention consists of pre-release jail in-reach services, enhanced treatment efforts, and immediate interim housing upon release from jail in anticipation of permanent supportive housing.

Clients Ever Released


Currently Active Clients


Clients in Permanent Supportive Housing


Clients Who Have Completed Probation

Year-to-Year ODR Housing Population
Number of PC 1001.36* Clients vs.
Post-Conviction Clients
Total 1740
PC 1001.36 211
Post-conviction 1529
Permanent Supportive Housing Retention Rate
*California Penal Code (PC) 1001.36 allows for pretrial mental health diversion with eventual charge dismissal upon program completion.

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