November EDIA Update

November EDIA Update

November EDIA Update

November EDIA Update 800 401 Health Services Los Angeles County

This month, the EDIA Initiative conducted nearly 40 Listening Sessions with more than 400 workforce and community members. This unprecedented level of engagement generated valuable feedback to incorporate into the EDIA Strategic Plan.

Hearing directly from people about what Health Services has done well and where there is room to improve has been enlightening, challenging and moving. We appreciate your honesty and trust.

So what happens now?

Next, summaries of the Listening Session feedback will be given to the EDIA Subcommittees and Affinity Groups. These groups are made up of workforce members from across all facilities and units, as well as community and patient stakeholders, and they are now meeting weekly to develop priorities for the draft EDIA Strategic Plan. The initial phase of the Strategic Plan development began on November 1, 2021 and will continue through January 9, 2022.

Although Subcommittees have been seated and leadership has been selected, you can still join an EDIA Affinity Group to get involved with this important Initiative. Click here to learn how – (this site is only accessible to Health Services staff).

Native American Heritage Month

November is National Native American Heritage Month. In late October, we conducted an EDIA Listening Session with American Indian and Alaska Native patients and community members to better understand the history between AI/AN people and Health Services, and how Health Services can become a more inclusive workplace and better serve Native American patients.

The story that emerged was one of deep inequity, missed opportunities for inclusion, and the beginnings of a pathway to repair. Click here (this site is only accessible to Health Services staff) to learn from the EDIA Voices in our AI/AN Listening Session.