New Website Content Available

New Website Content Available

By: Jorrel Sampana, MHLA

New Website Content Available

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As the My Health LA program sunsetting date draws near, we have been busy providing resources and content for our Community Partners (CPs) and program participants to ensure that their transition to full-scope Medi-Cal goes as smoothly as possible. To this end, a lot of content has been either added to our website or modified to reflect all important updates.

First, Provider Bulletin #16- “Specialty Care and eConsult Post-MHLA” was amended for clarification and general cleanup. As a reminder, Provider Bulletin #16 was a major notification that we sent out to inform Community Partners about specialty care and eConsult after MHLA sunsets. This bulletin contains vital information for referring individuals to DHS after January 31, 2024. We want to ensure that CPs are ensuring that every individual referred to DHS is appropriately checked for Medi-Cal eligibility. To assist CPs, we are providing a new tool titled. “ Medi-Cal Linkage Referral Checklist.” The Eligibility & Review Unit will be sending out an email to all Enrollment Leads with additional information on how to use this tool. You can read more about in the following newsletter article.

Second, Provider Bulletin #17- “Sunsetting of MHLA Pharmacy Services” was uploaded to our site. The new Provider Bulletin outlines several details about how MHLA sunsetting will mean that MHLA program participants will not be able to fill or refill their prescriptions through MHLA after January 31, 2024. Similarly, DHS Central Fill will cease providing MHLA services on January 1, 2024. Provider Bulletin #17 also indicates that all final pharmacy claims and claim reversals must be submitted on or before March 31, 2024. Please see the Bulletin on our “Adult Full Scope Medi-Cal Expansion” or “Provider Notices & Contracts” pages.

Finally, on October 26, 2023 we held our final information webinar related to the upcoming Medi-Cal transition and the MHLA program sunsetting. During the presentation, we updated our CPs on Provider Bulletin #16, the state of the Medi-Cal Enrollment Incentive Project, the final processes and plans for our Eligibility and Review Unit, and the upcoming final steps during our program closeout. The presentation slides and a recording of the Webinar can be found on our “Medi-Cal Resources” or on our “Newsletters and Presentations” pages.

Finally, we have an updated number for the Children’s Health Outreach Initiatives (CHOI). Throughout our website and hosted content, we have updated their contact number to (833) 540-0473. Their new number can be found on our “Medi-Cal Expansion Resources” flyers which are also available in all threshold languages.