Adult Allergy Services in DHS

Adult Allergy Services in DHS

By: DHS Staff
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Adult Allergy Services in DHS

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We are pleased to announce that DHS and MLK Outpatient Center has recruited an adult allergist to provide ambulatory clinic and eConsult services for adult allergy patients across DHS and MHLA community partners.

Dr. Jamie Kiehm is board-certified allergist who has recently relocated to Southern California from New York City. She completed her medical training at Indiana University followed by residency at Rush University and fellowship at Northwell Health. She has seven years of clinical experience, most recently with ENT and Allergy Associates in New York City since 2017.

Suggested indications for allergy referrals include specialty-specific allergy needs such as severe allergy/anaphylaxis, drug desensitization therapy, angioedema, and other severe or refractory allergy specialty conditions.

Community Partner clinics can submit an eConsult for participants with anaphylaxis or severe allergies, but please be advised that we are unable to accept eConsults for general allergies. For management of specialty-specific allergic conditions involving skin, head and neck, or respiratory systems, consider eConsult referral to Dermatology, ENT or Pulmonary:

Allergy Specialty Referral Table