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With an annual budget of nearly $4 billion, Health Services is a major purchaser of goods and services in Los Angeles County. The C&G Division is responsible for the acquisition/purchase of services only, on behalf of Health Services. Health Services Supply Chain Operations is responsible for the acquisition/purchase of commodities.

Major Functions

  • Acquisition Consulting: C&G provides a remarkable portfolio of contracting professionals with many years of business, human resources and legal experience gained in the public, private and non-profit sectors. C&G is available to all areas of Health Services to provide consulting services for the development of acquisition strategies for various services that cannot be otherwise obtained through County resources.
  • Competitive Solicitations: C&G centrally coordinates and conducts a variety of complex solicitation processes for services, as well as some commodity and service combinations that cannot be provided through existing County resources, or otherwise procured through Health Services Supply Chain Operations or the County’s Internal Services Department (ISD).
  • Contract Negotiations: C&G negotiates contracts on behalf of Health Services with vendors who were named the winning proposers during a solicitation process; with contractors seeking to amend the terms of an existing contract; and to obtain approval from County Counsel and/or the Chief Executive Office for the use of delegated authority.
  • Contractor Relations: C&G addresses all Contractor inquiries related to the Contractor’s respective Agreement regarding invoices, services implementation, payment inquiries/disputes, Agreement language clarification.
  • Contract Monitoring: Centralized Contract Monitoring helps to ensure that services contracted by the Health Services (DHS) are received according to the agreement, federal, State, and local requirements.
  • Contract Repository: C&G is the central library of service contracts for Health Services. All contracts existing within Health Services, including memoranda of understanding are housed at C&G.
  • Vendor Relations: C&G provides information for vendors interested in doing business with the County and in particular with Health Services and attends vendor fairs and outreach events.


• Julio C. Alvarado

Section Managers
• Angela Wu
• Enrique Sandoval
• Ruth Guerrero
• Stacey Asada
• Tryphenia Funches