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Volunteers Services

Volunteer Services and Programs is responsible for the recruitment, placement and management of competent volunteers to augment services that Medical Center employees provide to patients and their visitors. Each volunteer is enrolled in a volunteer category: Community Volunteer, Guild Member, Junior Volunteer, Pastoral Services Volunteer, Student Volunteer (Radiology/Nuclear Medicine/Social Services and Nutritional Services), Professional Volunteer, High School Partners Volunteer (King/Drew School of Science, Carson High, Gene Black and Chadwick High) or Special Project Volunteer, that defines his/her level of commitment and the extent and scope of services in his/her assignment. In addition, Volunteer Services also oversees facility-wide County Sponsored charitable giving fund raising efforts.

The Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Guild – a non-profit philanthropy benefiting Harbor complements in-kind volunteer activities by raising and donating funds for amenities that contribute to patient and visitors comfort and well-being. The Guild aids in providing patient welfare, and to contribute toward the purchase of necessary equipment for the Los Angeles County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. This purpose shall be accomplished in harmony with the policies of the hospital. The Guild also operates the hospital’s Gift Shop.

The Harbor-UCLA Junior Society – a group of young energetic, enthusiasm, and outstanding young juniors; managed by the Volunteer Service/Programs Department and work under the auspice of the Guild. The Junior Society assists both the Volunteer Office and Guild by fundraising and helping the Guild to raise monies for our patients.