Pulse – March 2021

Pulse – March 2021

Pulse – March 2021 1024 319 Health Services Los Angeles County


Earlier this month we hit the one-year anniversary of the LA County shutdown, this monumental benchmark brought into perspective just how much we overcame and more importantly all we accomplished in the last year.  Our accomplishments range from our ability to quickly adjust to the sudden shutdown last year, to demonstrating our collective grit during the horrific winter surge and currently our determination in our ongoing efforts to vaccinate our patients and fellow co-workers as part of our commitment to our shared health.

I am inspired by the many ways in which we continue to prove that we are committed in our work towards excellence. Throughout the month I am often greeted with the news of outside entities honoring and recognizing the many talented individuals who make up Health Services. In this issue I want to take a moment to highlight one of those honorees –  Chief Nursing Officer at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Nancy Blake, who has been selected as the honoree for the 2021 UCLA School of Nursing Distinguished Alumni Award. The award recognizes individuals who have made sterling contributions in advancing nursing science, education, leadership, and patient care. Please join me in congratulating Dr. Blake and recognizing her contributions.

Throughout the past year, LA County Health Services has stepped-up time and time again to the challenges that come our way. And confronting the very real impact that racism continues to have in our communities and workplaces is no exception. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we have also seen a disturbing increase in hate crimes against our Asian American brothers and sisters. Hate crimes against Asian Americans in major U.S. cities surged by nearly 150 percent in 2020, and most recently our nation witnessed the horror of the shooting in Atlanta, Georgia.

I want to first express my sincerest support and solidarity to each and every one of our fellow LA County Health Services coworkers who because of their Asian and Pacific Islander identity and heritage are being impacted by the heaviness of these violent attacks. I stand with you and I stand in vigilant opposition against all forms of racial injustice.

Secondly, I want to encourage everyone – regardless of your racial or ethnic identity – to actively engage with our new Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Antiracism Initiative (EDIA). We launched it this past December following the global uprising attached to the murder of George Floyd, because we understood every organization must take responsibility for rooting out racism and enhancing equity. This includes strengthening our commitment to addressing the long-standing racial inequities within our own organization by accepting these two basic factors: Racism is Real. Racism is Wrong.

I hope you’ll join us in the co-creation of the EDIA Initiative so we can better address the needs of patients, improve outcomes, and ensure our staff have equal access to opportunities. In this past year, we have all witnessed the incredible work we can deliver – regardless of the challenge at hand.

I know that together we can continue to build on our commitment to excellence and ensure Health Services is a welcoming, inclusive, and compassionate force within LA County.

Thank you for all you do.


Technology-Driven Solution for Staff Deployment

Technology-Driven Solution for Staff Deployment 1024 479 Health Services Los Angeles County

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Services had to quickly pivot to meet the sudden surge of patients needing care across Health Services hospitals. This required the nursing leadership team to develop a process to manage the movement of staff to deliver those much-needed services. At first, the process was manual in nature and required an overwhelming amount of time and energy to maintain. Health Services leadership realized this was an opportunity to look for other ways to track and deploy staff.

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Health Services Celebrates Social Work Month

Health Services Celebrates Social Work Month 1024 560 Health Services Los Angeles County

The profession of Social Work is recognized in March. The theme for Social Work Month 2021 is Social Workers Are Essential. This is because social workers are essential to community well-being. According to the National Association of Social Workers, “as practitioners, social workers are trained to help people address personal and systemic barriers to optimal living.

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A Certified Farmer’s Market has Arrived at OVMC!

A Certified Farmer’s Market has Arrived at OVMC! 800 450 Health Services Los Angeles County

In November 2020, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center (OVMC) began the search for a certified Farmer’s Market organizer. We initiated a collaboration with Leonard Lozano, President and Founder of Supporting Arms, a non-profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to promote healthier and more sustainable communities and whose presence is already seen in the certified Farmer’s Markets at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center.

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LEAP Dr Ghaly visit

DHS Celebrates Graduation of Inaugural LEAP Cohort

DHS Celebrates Graduation of Inaugural LEAP Cohort 1024 768 Health Services Los Angeles County

On Friday March 5, nineteen DHS managers graduated as members of the inaugural cohort of the DHS Leadership Excellence and Advanced Practicum (LEAP) program. LEAP is a leadership development program for experienced managers offered by the DHS Management Development Program (MDP).

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Honoring Black History Month at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center

Honoring Black History Month at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center 150 150 Health Services Los Angeles County

Black History Month is the perfect time to honor past African-American achievements, unite in the present, and inspire everyone to believe in the power of a dream as we join to shape the future. People steeped in their history are a powerful force. It is imperative to honor the struggle of our ancestors by remembering our collective past. In knowing, the past opens the door to the future that infuses the continued importance of Black History Month.

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Recovery Through Recreation and Leisure

Recovery Through Recreation and Leisure 920 492 Health Services Los Angeles County

February is celebrated as National Therapeutic Recreation Month. The month is a platform to raise awareness on the positive impact of recreation therapy (RT) programs and services. RT plays a pivotal role that focuses on improving overall health and well-being. Recreation Therapists play a valuable role in promoting wellness through leisure for individuals with physical, cognitive, emotional and social limitations as well as illness and disabling conditions.

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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for the ACN

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for the ACN 621 450 Health Services Los Angeles County

Now more than ever, patients are being cared for in a remote capacity including through phone and virtual health visits in order to keep our staff and communities safe. In 2019-20, Health Services reported that in 53% of total visits, patients indicated a language other than English as their primary language. The pandemic and the transition to more remote care options has made the need for culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate communication very clear given our patient populations.

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