MHLA Community Council Recruitment

MHLA Community Council Recruitment

By: Tom Lau, MHLA

MHLA Community Council Recruitment

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My Health LA is currently recruiting for an upcoming monthly online meeting with MHLA participants. Recruitment for the meeting is open to all current MHLA participants. Each person recruited for the Community Council will receive a $25 Target gift card for each hour attended. The aim of this meeting with the Community Council is to improve the MHLA program by obtaining feedback on program services, enrollment, communications, and other aspects.

The council will function much like a hospital or clinic patient advisory council and will have regular meetings facilitated in English and Spanish. The meetings will be held virtually (phone or video). Meetings last one hour each month.

We are hoping you can help us with recruitment for MHLA Community Council to your participants. That could mean having enrollers mention it to MHLA participants when they renew their applications, putting the hard copy of the flyer in the clinics, sending it out via text, uploading it on your website or sharing in any other way that would help.

Note – we lost a few members who are no longer in the program. We would love your help identifying new members!

Those interested in learning more are asked to contact Cynthia Lopez at (626) 525-5366 or by email at Information flyers in English and Spanish are available below: