Launch of EDIA SharePoint Site

Launch of EDIA SharePoint Site

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Launch of EDIA SharePoint Site

Launch of EDIA SharePoint Site 800 401 Health Services Los Angeles County

We’re excited to announce the launch of the SharePoint site for our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Antiracism (EDIA) Initiative. The website, which will be accessible for Health Services staff only, is going live at the end of May.

Visit our brand-new site to learn more about the EDIA Initiative, get updates on progress, submit feedback, have your questions answered, and connect with the people who are championing change at Health Services

In the coming months, this site will be one of the primary ways the Initiative team communicates with workforce. We hope it becomes a resource for you as our shared EDIA work develops.

In our About section, you’ll find a simplified Initiative timeline showing you what’s happened so far and what you can expect in the coming months.

Be sure to check out our Q&A section to see what questions people have about EDIA issues and get detailed, transparent answers.

And in the EDIA Voices section, you’ll learn about the people and groups who are already engaged in important equity work across the enterprise.

As always, your feedback is deeply appreciated. If you have ideas, comments, or questions about the new EDIA SharePoint site, you can submit public comments on the site  (The Website is Accessible for Health Services Staff only), or email us at

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