Recognizing Our Nurses

Recognizing Our Nurses

The Gold Standard of Nursing Excellence

Welcome to the LA General Medical Center Nursing Page, where we celebrate the outstanding achievements and programs that make our nursing team exceptional. We are dedicated to providing world class and compassionate care to our patients and fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment. Below, you will find information about the various programs and awards that recognize the hard work and dedication of our nurses.


DAISY Nurse Leader Award

The DAISY Nurse Leader award is to honor and recognize special leaders who create the work environment that allows for compassionate care to thrive and where direct care nurses deliver the quality of care that DAISY celebrates.

Daisy Nurse Leader - o Lea Salinas

LA General’s 2023 Honoree!

Lea Salinas, NM

Nurse Manager  –  4A ICU

“Ms. Lea is not just our manager, she is also our greatest friend and mentor. She is always going above and beyond for her staff and the unit”


Since 2014, LA General Medical Center has proudly partnered with the DAISY Foundation to honor our Extraordinary Nurses. The DAISY Award acknowledges the compassionate care provided by our nurses and reinforces behaviors that align with our nursing philosophy, vision, and values. This prestigious award has a profound impact on both our nurses and the organization as a whole, enhancing job satisfaction, retention, teamwork, pride, organizational culture, and the overall health work environment. Each month, we express our gratitude and appreciation to our nurses by presenting them with this special honor.

DAISY Award Honorees 2023

DAISY Team Award

The DAISY team award is designed to honor collaboration by 2 or more people, led by a nurse, who identify and meet patient and/or family needs by going above and beyond the traditional role of Nursing. We recognize that an idea to achieve a better patient and family outcomes may start with one individual, but it often takes an entire team to implement it successfully. Nursing together with the rest of the healthcare team work closely together to provide world class care to our patients and their families.

DAISY Team Award

2023 DAISY Team Honoree!

4A Multidisciplinary MICU Team

Ross Leuterio, RN
Janice Alcala, RN
Dominique Dang, RN
Kenneth Richard, RN
Kathleen Viloria, RN
Casey Yu, RN
Flordeliza Sim, RN
Leanne Armendariz, RN
Lea Salinas, NM
Dr. William West, MICU Fellow
Dr. Rucha Gadgil, ICU Medical Director
Pamela Officer, IC
Dana Blanks, IC
Caesar Robles, CSW
Tamara Grace, Chaplain


Shining Star Award

Shining Pic. Gallery 2023

The Shining Star Award recognizes the exceptional members of our nursing team who consistently demonstrate STAR quality in their service to patients, families, and colleagues. Employees who shine for the benefit of others exhibit sincerity, supportiveness, trustworthiness, team player mentality, adaptability, patient advocacy, and a sense of responsibility and respect. We celebrate and applaud their commitment to excellence.

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