Who we are

Who we are

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The Volunteer Services Department of LA General Medical Center serves the need for volunteers medical center wide.

The Director of Volunteer Services works in collaboration with many hospital administrators, who have recognized the value of supplementary services, to create and operate a viable patient service delivery component for the medical center.

In an effort to meet the needs of the predominantly economically disadvantaged patient population of the LA General Medical Center, many special programs have been established to help provide patients with services.

Due to the varied backgrounds of patients, an emphasis has been placed on meeting the needs of the culturally diverse patient population. Volunteers come from many different cultural backgrounds and speak a variety of languages.  Each of these volunteers contributes significantly to the improvement of the environment of care for the patients receiving medical treatment.

The size and complexity of the student volunteer programs are vast: Junior Volunteers (Candy Striper Volunteers), Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM)Volunteers, General Adult Volunteers. Approximately 500 volunteers are actively engaged.


Director of Volunteer Services:  Gabriela Hernandez-Gonzalez
LA General Medical Center
2051 Marengo Street
Impatient Tower, Building H, Room 1K311
Phone 323-409-6945