Future and On-Going Construction Projects

We are making LA General Campus even better
Pardon the inconvenience, as we continue to remodel the medical center to improve access to our Patient Care Services.

header-title-decorationFuture and On-Going Construction Projects

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital has had a long and rich history at the Medical Center; however, with its closure for many years, it can no longer accommodate the needs of our community. Its demolition will make way for future developments on campus to serve the communities of Los Angeles. 

The Restorative Care Village Project at LA General Medical Center in Boyle Heights – a first-in-the-nation mental health and well-being campus dedicated to meeting the needs of our most vulnerable residents. Once completed, the LA General Restorative Care Village will provide access to a full continuum of clinical care and supportive services on one campus—including recuperative and respite housing, mental health care, substance use disorder treatment, permanent supportive housing,  and other transitional and support services to enable patients to heal and safely reintegrate into the community. 

This continuum of services will allow individuals to more easily receive the appropriate level of care, and it will reduce morbidity and cost while restoring function and dignity for these individuals. It will also enable and support community reintegration for people with mental health disorders, victims of violence and abuse, substance use, serious disabilities, and psychosocial and economic challenges, and ultimately, for patients experiencing homelessness and their families – investing in Care First, Jail Last. 

The project includes the Recuperative Care Center (RCC), one building yielding 96 beds, and will provide clinically enriched interim housing with on-site nursing support, health oversight, case management, and connection to permanent housing to serve those who have been discharged from County health facilities and facing unstable housing conditions. 

The project includes four buildings yielding 64 beds.   The RTP will include intensive treatment programs for individuals being discharged from County hospital psychiatric emergency services, inpatient psychiatric units, and mental health urgent care centers. The project budget is estimated at $68,461,000 with funding coming from a California Health Facilities Financing Authority (CHFFA) grant and the Los Angeles Countys Departments of Health Services and Mental Health. The project is expected to be completed summer 2021. 

The proposed project is to construct a new single-story child care facility of approximately 6,000 square-feet with an additional 6,000 square-feet of covered walkways to serve the needs of the LA General Medical Center campus staff and the community. The site covers over 17,500 square-feet of vacant land in the middle of the larger medical center campus. The buildings will include infant rooms, toddler classrooms, preschool classrooms, an administrative office, reception, staff lounge, warming kitchen, outdoor playgrounds, and support spaces as required for approximately 72 children. Additionally, the project will develop the site to provide for utilities, landscaping improvements, walkways, trails, and driveway approach to serve both this facility and the surrounding health care campus.