Nursing Excellence

Nursing Excellence

Nursing Excellence

The Gold Standard of Nursing Excellence

The MAGNET award recognizes excellence in nursing for the quality of care provided, for continuous improvement in patient care and for the health of the community. The award provides patients with a benchmark for the quality of care they can expect. Studies shows that MAGNET hospitals tend to have lower mortality and infection rates, as well as higher patient satisfaction and nurse staffing levels.

Journey to Nursing Excellence

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Los Angeles General takes pride in providing care for the underserved population of Los Angeles. Our core purpose is to provide world-class care and education for all in our community. With this in mind, we began our journey to nursing excellence by supporting our staff through education, recognition and opportunities for professional growth. We recognized that empowering out staff and creating meaningful partnerships between leadership, management, and frontline staff was the foundation to our journey.

Timeline of our Journey

Our journey to nursing excellence began on November 2018 with the first MAGNET fair held at the LAC+USC Medical Center, followed by the second MAGNET fair held at Rand Schrader and Hawkins in February 2019. Within the following months we began nominating, selecting, and accepting “MAGNET Ambassadors.” MAGNET Ambassador Inaugurations were held in September of 2019 and within a month we held our First MAGNET Ambassador meeting. By November of 2019, we began developing our professional Practice Model (PPM). In February 2020, we began educating our staff about our journey and what a PPM is. We held a month-long hospital-wide voting event to select the top theorists, values and concepts that resonated the most with our staff. Then, the unexpected happened and the following month the Covid-19 pandemic hit. In order to continue our journey, we transitioned to virtual meetings which allowed us to take care of our patients. Our journey resumed on June 2021 when we began to spread the word about our PPM through awareness fairs and Townhall meetings. We held a hospital-wide voting event from July through August; and in October 2021, we launched our hospital’s PPM. The second wave of the Covid-19 hit again, and we paused meetings from November 2020 until March 2021 to allow for redeployment of staff throughout our hospital. In March 2021, we resumed meeting via TEAMS and the MAGNET Coordinating Council was created. As vaccination efforts reached our staff and patients alike, we were able to resume our meetings in-person and welcomed our new CNO, Dr. Nancy Blake. Dr. Blake’s arrival was pivotal to our journey as we refocused our main efforts from solely MAGNET recognition to adapting a Shared Governance Model.

Professional Practice Model

What is PPM (Professional Practice Model)?

Professional Practice Model it is a visual representation of how nurses within the organization communicate, collaborate, practice, and develop professionally to provide world class care to our patients and to the community we serve as a whole. This model incorporates and aligns with the nursing mission, vision and values and with the nursing theories that our nursing workforce identify with the most. Although it’s a combination of three nursing theorist from O’Rourke, Leininger, and Orem what’s most important is that we believe in equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism and patient-centered care. As depicted in the center of our PPM showing a non-traditional family with varying skin tones as we cater to a very diverse patient population.

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