Emergency Medical Services ISSUE11

Emergency Medical Services ISSUE11

COVID-19 Care Sites

What is the Los Angeles Surge Hospital (LASH)?

The Los Angeles Surge Hospital (LASH) is a surge hospital that was opened in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to decompress other hospitals and to create more hospital beds within Los Angeles County. The LASH is accepting COVID-19 positive patients only. The LASH accepts patients through interfacility transports only and is not a designated 9-1-1 receiving facility.

What are I/Q sites and should I be responding any differently to them? How can I refer a patient to the I/Q sites?

I/Q sites are “isolation and quarantine” sites that have been set up around the county to safely house COVID-19 test positive patients, suspected COVID-19 patients, or patients under quarantine isolation due to an exposure. Responding to this site should be no different than the standard response, as you should be responding to all calls with a surgical mask, gloves, and eye protection at the minimum. These sites have nursing and medical staff on site that may be able to provide you with more information about the patient. Medical equipment on site is severely limited.

In order to refer a patient to the I/Q sites, a Public Health community volunteer may be contacted and to screen and determine if the patient qualifies for the I/Q sites. A community worker list is available on our website. EMS is not required to make this referral.

What is the Fairview ACS Transfer Package?

Fairvew ACS Transfer Package