EDIA Capacity Building is Happening Now!

EDIA Capacity Building is Happening Now!

EDIA Capacity Building is Happening Now!

EDIA Capacity Building is Happening Now! 1024 576 Health Services Los Angeles County

We’ve officially entered Phase 2 of the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Antiracism (EDIA) Initiative.

What happened in September?

  • Seating of facility/unit EDIA Subcommittees
  • Launch of EDIA Affinity Groups
  • Start of EDIA Subcommittees and Affinity Group capacity building sessions
  • EDIA Subcommittee and Affinity Group leadership applications due
  • Planning and outreach for community EDIA Listening Sessions

There is still time to join an EDIA Affinity Group (The Website is Accessible for Health Services Staff only) and participate in capacity building sessions.

As the EDIA Initiative progresses and more people get involved, it’s important to acknowledge that we are coming to this work from different perspectives. Some people already have knowledge and skills around EDIA and some may not. Many people bring lived experiences of trauma, oppression, racism, and maybe liberation and healing, too. We are all beginners in different places.

No matter where you are in your process, we are practicing equity, diversity, inclusion, and antiracism, and shaping the culture with every interaction. Capacity building sessions are designed to meet you where you are and grow your ability to engage in change work from there.

Capacity Building Session participants will:

  • Grow their capacity to engage in equity, diversity, inclusion, antiracism change work
  • Make connections with other people with shared affinities across DHS
  • Get practical tools that help reduce stress and grow personal resilience

There are still 3 more weeks of voluntary capacity building and learning sessions for EDIA Affinity Groups. You can still join an EDIA Affinity Group and participate! Email us at helloedia@dhs.lacounty.gov to express interest.

New Affinity Group members will not be eligible for leadership positions but will still play a vital role in the EDIA strategic planning process.

UP NEXT: Have your voice heard. Be on the lookout for announcements about Workforce EDIA Listening Sessions!

Visit the EDIA SharePoint (The Website is Accessible for Health Services Staff only) site to stay up to date on the latest EDIA Initiative news.

Have questions or want to get involved? Email us at helloedia@dhs.lacounty.gov!