LAC-DHS partners with Dementia Care Aware

LAC-DHS partners with Dementia Care Aware

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LAC-DHS partners with Dementia Care Aware

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LAC-DHS partners with Dementia Care Aware, a state-wide program awarded $23M to advance the quality of care through early detection of dementia in patients over 65!

The California State Department of Health Care Services has sponsored Dementia Care Aware (DCA), a training and support program that empowers primary care teams across California to assess and address dementia. Dementia Care Aware has partnered with 5 programs throughout the state: UCSF, UC Hastings College of Law, Alzheimer’s Association, UCLA, UC Irving, UCSD, and Rancho Research Institute. Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LAC-DHS) has convened a team of geriatrics, primary care and neurology experts to help lead our DCA program launch. Together, we are working to understand how the Cognitive Health Assessment (CHA) can be implemented efficiently and effectively into current clinical workflows.

The cornerstone of the Dementia Care Aware program is a free, online training intended to equip health professionals with the tools to complete the Cognitive Health Assessment (CHA) – annual dementia screening for people 65 and older. DCA online training offers free CME, CE and MOC. The 5–10-minute CHA screening can be completed during follow-up visits, initial and subsequent annual wellness visits. Upon completion of the interactive DCA online course, practitioners completing the CHA in patients with Medi-Cal only coverage can use the new billing code 1494F for health system reimbursement.

Beyond screening for dementia, Dementia Care Aware also provides tools for implementing dementia care in clinical practice and connecting patients and care partners with community resources. Ensuring that patients and their caregivers have an informed ability to plan for their future is critical. Equipping the primary care team with training, information, and resources is a key focus of Dementia Care Aware.

Dementia Care Aware is committed to working to support dementia detection in the primary care setting while supporting the patient and their caregivers. Early identification of cognitive impairment can help health care teams coordinate patients’ access to resources and services and create stage- appropriate care plans.

Dementia Care Aware

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