Critical Blood Shortage

Critical Blood Shortage

Blood Shortage

Critical Blood Shortage

Critical Blood Shortage 1024 566 Health Services Los Angeles County

There is currently a nationwide blood shortage. According to the American Red Cross, which provides up to 40% of the blood supply, in the last few weeks, it has had less than a one-day supply of critical blood types and has had to limit blood product distribution to hospitals. Blood cannot be stockpiled or manufactured, which is why blood donation is so important.

One blood donation can be used to save the lives of up to three people. Blood is used in trauma patients, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, individuals with conditions like sickle cell disease and in surgeries.

COVID-19 has dominated our lives for the past two years and limited the ability of blood banks and local hospitals to hold blood drives. The easy access to local blood drives has disappeared leaving private and public trauma centers, like ours, to contend with dangerously limited blood supplies. We need to act now. If you are able, please consider donating blood. The entire appointment takes about an hour and the actual blood draw lasts about 10 minutes.

The Department of Health Services partners with the San Diego Blood Bank to supply our blood products. They accept donations and you can schedule an appointment here:

Appointments can also be scheduled at the American Red Cross:  As an added incentive, the American Red Cross has partnered with the NFL, and anyone who donates blood before January 31, will be automatically entered to win two tickets to Superbowl LVI in Los Angeles. Look here to learn more about how to Win A Trip To Super Bowl LVI | Red Cross Blood Services

You’re already heroes, this is yet another opportunity to shine.