The information on this page was designed to answer frequently asked questions that we received from attorney offices. We hope that you find this information useful.

For a listing of our facilities Health Information Management units, please   click here.

Please note that the following facilities have consolidated their Release of Information locations, and require subpoenas to be delivered to their main location.

  1. Glendale & San Fernando Health Centers subpoenas are to be delivered to Mid Valley Comprehensive Health Center.
  2. Torrance & Wilmington Health Center subpoenas are to be delivered to Long Beach Comprehensive Health Center.

Please contact the location where the request was submitted to in order to check on its status. For a listing of our facilities contact numbers, please click here.

Depending on the nature and content of the request, we usually process patient or patient’s representative disclosure request within 15 days after receiving a complete and accurate written request.

We charge a $15.00 flat fee for attorney request for medical records.

Copy fees may be waived if the request is for relevant portions of a patient’s record to support an appeal regarding eligibility for a public benefit program. A written request and proof that the records are needed to support the appeal are required to waive the fee.

Reference: CA Health & Safety Code, Chapter 1, 123110 (d) to (f)

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If you need further assistance, please use the patient information tools that are located to the left of this page or contact your local Health Information Management office.