November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month 570 380 Health Services Los Angeles County

8th Annual Diabetes Day Conference

LA Health Services is hosting the 8th annual Diabetes Day on Monday, December 6, 2021 from 8:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.  Click here to learn more about the conference. During this conference, many topics will be covered to enhance the understanding of diabetes, its progression and how to prevent, treat, manage, and live with it. The target audience includes physicians, nurse providers, physician assistants, pharmacists, specialists, care managers, medical directors, nurses, dietitians, social workers, patients and family members of patients. There will be a morning and afternoon session. To see the full schedule and to register, click here.

The event will be available in English and Spanish and will be available in a virtual or in-person format.

Persons who attend the live event will be eligible for continuing education credits. Additionally, LA Health Services Providers may use one of their 10 CME days to participate in this conference. Please see the registration page for further details.

Individuals who would like to participate in the in-person event at Charles R. Drew University will be expected to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines as described on the registration page.

Facts About Diabetes

·       Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Approximately 90-95% of all newly diagnosed cases of diabetes are Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to effectively absorb and use sugar in the bloodstream. Too much sugar in the bloodstream can lead to organ damage including vision loss, heart and kidney disease. Understanding the Risks for Type 2 Diabetes can help individuals to take steps to prevent Type 2 diabetes. The  Health Services webpage has information and resources on diabetes prevention, treatment and management.

·       Type 1 Diabetes occurs when the body mistakenly attacks the pancreas and prevents it from making insulin. Approximately 5-10% of people with diabetes have Type 1 Diabetes. It is usually discovered early in life and requires daily insulin to manage it.  There is currently no way to prevent it.