Welcome to the LA Health Portal


An immediate and safe way to communicate with your medical team, view your labs, access your health record, and manage your appointments and medications.

header-title-decorationWelcome to the LA Health Portal

The LA Health Portal is a free and secure website and mobile app designed to connect you to your doctors and your health information.

Take Charge of Your Health

Regularly view your immunization records, prescriptions, procedures
and doctor notes. For more information, click here: English or Spanish.

Contact Your Doctor

Contact your doctor for non-urgent questions. Receive health reminders and letters from your doctor’s office. Your doctor’s office typically responds within 3 business days. Click here for more information.

Review and Renew Your Medications

Review, renew, and request your current medication(s). Click here for more information.

Request and View your Future Appointments

Online convenience to request, change, or cancel appointments with your primary care doctor.

Labs and Imaging Results Icon_500x500.

Check Lab and Imaging Results

Easy access to your labs and other test results, such as blood pressure, blood work, cholesterol. For more information, click here: English or Spanish.

Connect Health Management Apps

Request access to your health and wellness data in an app of your choice. Click here to request further details.

Mobile Self-Enrollment Guide (English)

Mobile Self-Enrollment Guide (Español)

Laptop Messaging Guide Video (English)