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Welcome to the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (Rancho) Media and Community Relations page. We can quickly connect you with medical experts on a range of rehabilitation topics and trends for comment or background. We can also direct you to other credible information sources.

Rancho physicians, researchers, and therapists cover the spectrum of rehabilitation medicine and are leaders in their field.

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Media Releases

For the latest news from Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (Rancho), check out the media releases:

Robotic Arm - Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Press Release

Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Research News Story



The Resources page is a one-stop shop for digital media, fact sheets on programs at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (Rancho), and information on various projects.

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Media Assets – videos, photos, and additional information about Brain Computer Interface (BCI) / Neuroprosthetics

Robotic Arm YouTube Videos:
Next Generation of Neuroprosthetics: Science Explained (Includes animation and narrative)

Next Generation of Neuroprosthetics: Erik's Story (Credit: Keck Medicine of USC)

Drinking a Beverage for the First Time
Brain-machine cooperation. Sorto wanted to be able to drink a beverage at his own pace. Here he cooperates
with a computer by issuing stop and go brain signals for a sequence of actions programmed by the computer
system. Populations of neurons selective for actions can be used to make these state transitions. This
demonstrates how higher-level cognitive signals can interface with lower level machine control signals.
Collaborators at John Hopkins University developed the robotic arm. (Credit: Caltech)

Surgery & Rehab
This seven-minute video, captures the day of surgery, moving robotic arm for first time, first drink and
rehabilitation. (Credit: Keck Medicine of USC)

Erik G. Sorto - Patient

Dr. Mindy Aisen, Rancho Los Amigos - rehabilitation team lead

Dr. Charles Y. Liu, Keck USC- lead surgeon; Dr. Christianne Heck, Keck USC – neurologist

Dr. Richard Andersen, Caltech - principal investigator


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