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Patient Support

Rancho’s patient support groups are among the largest of their kind, encompassing nearly every aspect of a patient’s life. From caregiver support to life coaching to smoking cessation, peer support is a vital component of Rancho’s reintegration process.

Several programs are available to patients and loved ones:

Adolescent Support Group

Dealing with a life-changing injury or illness can feel overwhelming for pediatric patients and their families. The Adolescent Support Group provides a safe environment for patients and family members to discuss challenges and find solutions. Sessions are led by social service professionals and community-based organizations.


One of the largest peer mentoring rehabilitation programs of its kind, KnowBarriersincludes a wide array of peer-driven support groups, including life coaching, peer mentoring, violence prevention, and substance abuse recovery. Former Rancho patients bring their experiences and expertise to new outpatients, helping both to develop the confidence and skills they need to achieve life goals.

Resource & Wellness Center

In addition to classes on health and wellness, the Resource & Wellness Center is home to many peer support groups for patients and families:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Brain Injury Support Group
  • Diabetes Support Group
  • Life Beyond Aphasia & Dysarthia (available in English and Spanish)
  • MS Society
  • MS Society Southern California Young Professionals Group
  • Spina Bifida Support Group