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Health and Wellness

"Wellness for Everyone!" is the motto of the Rancho Wellness Center (RWC). Maintaining good health habits is essential to prevent illness and injury. The RWC was created in 2011 to provide persons with disability, their families, and the community with programs to promote health and increased physical activity. Rancho is committed to promoting good health and wellness through education, an accessible workout and training facility, access to professionals in medical, physical, and cognitive rehabilitation, and nutrition experts. Wellness services are offered in a community-based model rather than a medical model to enhance participant confidence in managing a healthy lifestyle. Participation is open to all through a low cost membership program. A wide variety of classes is available for stress reduction, relaxation, physical activity, improved energy, healthy eating, and overall healthy balance of Mind, Body and Spirit. Classes are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of persons with disability. Health and wellness classes span from basic through advanced to meet the broad spectrum of needs of the clients we serve. The program serves individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. All fitness levels are welcome.

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Life Gym

Our new state-of-the-art fitness center was designed with accessibility in mind. We have exercise equipment appropriate for all fitness levels and experienced gym personnel available to answer questions and provide instruction on equipment use.

Classes Offered:

Adapted Pilates
Adapted Yoga Seated Tai-Chi
Balance/Vestibular Training
Cardio-Pump Seated/Standing
Multi-level Zumba
Adapted Zumba
Adapted Dance
Fitness and Wheelchair Sports Training
Outdoor Adventure Program
Therapeutic Gardening
Education Classes for Return to Driving
Living Life Post-Stroke
Managing Life with Aphasia

Wellness Calendar & Description of Classes: Calendar
Outdoor Adventure Activities: Calendar

Psycho-social support programs for persons and their significant others with Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Brain Injury, Guillain-Barre, Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida, and adolescents with SCI are available.

Peer Support

The Wellness Center is staffed with Peer Mentors (PM) from Rancho's KNOWBARRIERS life coaching/peer mentoring program along with therapy and support staff. PMs are individuals living with a disability who participate in the KNOWBARRIERS program. Employment of the PMs in the Wellness Center creates gainful employment opportunities for individuals with disability, opportunity for the PMs to mentor other Wellness Center participants and for PMs to provide positive role modeling for health and participation behaviors.

Member Registration

Join Rancho Wellness for $10 per month! Membership includes UNLIMITED access to the Life Gym and Wellness classes.

Manage your fitness online- Now you can become a member, register for classes, view your class schedule, track your visit history, visit our online store, and manage your personal information using our online system. Try it today!

Walk-in registration and inquiries are always welcome - Stop by the Don Knabe Wellness Center or call or e-mail using the contact information below.

Know your fitness level - Schedule a WellFit fitness assessment to develop a wellness program tailored to your fitness level. A WellFit fitness assessment is encouraged for all members.

Don Knabe Wellness Center
7601 East Imperial Hwy, Downey, CA 90242
Phone: (562) 385-6600

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