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Ambulance Licensing


The Ambulance Licensing Section oversees the private ambulance system in Los Angeles County.

Bulletin Board

Amended Ambulance Ordinance:

Revisions to the Los Angeles County Ambulance Ordinance and business license fees became effective on July 28, 2011.  All ground and air ambulance operators who transport patients originating anywhere in Los Angeles County (both incorporated and unincorporated areas) are now required to obtain a Los Angeles County Ambulance Operator Business License.  Any ambulance operator seeking to provide services in Los Angeles County must first obtain a Los Angeles County Ambulance Operator Business License prior to conducting pick-ups within Los Angeles County.  The Los Angeles County EMS Agency is currently in the process of revising the Los Angeles County Ambulance Ordinance.


Public Hearings 

     Notice for a Public Hearings --- June 30, 2020

     - Vital Care Ambulance, Inc. (Ambulance)     
     - Journey Via Gurney, LLC (Ambulance)

Pending Ambulance Operator Applications
Pending Ambulette Operator Applications
     Ambulance Operator CCT and ALS Applications
     Preparing for Ambulance/Ambulette Business License Public Hearings

Ambulance Operator/ Personnel Violations
Report ambulance operator and/or ambulance personnel violations by completing and submitting a Los Angeles County EMS Agency Situation Report OR by e-mail to:
ambulanceviolations@dhs.lacounty.gov.  When submitting an e-mail, provide as much specific information as possible.  Photographs and other evidence of the alleged violation may be attached to the e-mail.

Overflow Agreement
Request For Statement of Qualifications (RFSQ) For Transportation Overflow Services 


  John Telmos, RN, MICN
Program Manager
(562) 378-1677
(562) 946-6594 (FAX)
Christopher Ressetti Christopher Rossetti
EMS Ambulance Programs Coordinator
(562) 378-1688
(562) 941-5835 (FAX)
  Phillip Santos, MSN, RN, MICN
Nursing Instructor - Ambulance Programs
(562) 378-1684
(562) 941-5835 (FAX)
  Christine Zaiser, BSN, RN, PHN
Nursing Instructor - Ambulance Programs
(562) 378-1685
(562) 941-5835 (FAX)
lily Martini Lily Martini
Contract Program Auditor
(562) 378-1686
(562) 941-5835 (FAX)


Ophelia Rodriguez

Ofelia Rodriguez
Contract Program Auditor
(562) 378-1691
(562) 941-5835 (FAX)

Helain Hence Helain Hence
Contract Program Auditor
(562) 378-1693
(562) 941-5835 (FAX)
  Kurt Kunkel
Civilian Investigator
(562) 378-1687
(562) 941-5835 (FAX)
  Anita Gowing
Civilian Investigator
(562) 378-1675


  • Licenses private ambulance operators, private ambulance vehicles and ambulette (wheelchair or medical transportation vans) vehicles annually.
  • Conducts annual audits of ambulance operators to ensure that operators maintain required State and County licenses, and required insurance minimums, and meets established standards.
  • We administer seven (7) primary (9-1-1) contracts with four (4) providers (AMR 3, WestMed 2, Care 1 and Schaefer 1).
  • Conducts monthly 9-1-1 response time service audits on the four primary ambulance providers, to ensure contractual compliance under the County. 
  • Administers Transportation Overflow Agreements for the non-emergency transportation of County responsible patients.
  • Periodic review of the general public rates charged by operators to private patient, and modification of these rates based on the Consumer Price Index or Statewide surveys as per the County Code.
  • Investigates billing or other service complaints related to the ambulance program.